Fall Fashion Picks

fall peach.jpg

I seriously cannot wait for fall!  The sweltering heat, the humidity, my hair in the humidity 😭, I do not do well in the summertime.  Especially because I don't live near the beach which is where I grew up going everyday during the summer, I am forever complaining about how hot I am.  Not to mention, nothing beats fall fashion or FASHION WEEK [New York Fashion week is from Sept. 6 - 14th btw!].  The perfect balance between wearing amazing outfits and not sweating to death like I do in the summertime or having to throw a heavy winter jacket that covers it all up once the cold rolls around.  Something I am really looking forward to and haven't done before is styling a neutral outfit and then adding a bright pop of color, I don't usually go for super colorful pieces when I'm shopping.  With that being said, I thought I'd share some things I have my eye on for fall. I'm working on defining my style, so I hope you guys can catch a glimpse of who I am through my fall fashion picks! 

The price point on 7 jeans is high, but I know that if I invest in them, I'll wear them for years and years. Or any higher end pair of jeans for that matter. This pair is especially cool because they are coated which gives them a sheen! For the most part, I only wear black/really dark jeans and this gives a little something extra than the usual denim. I don't know if I'll end up buying them, but I'm definitely thinking about it for this fall/winter.

No, I cannot afford these *cries*, but I love them so much I wanted to give them their own special moment.

I don't wear a lot of skirts, but if I can channel Cher from Clueless, you bet I'm going to wear this one.

THESE...I'm in love with these but they aren't in stock in my size!!! I'm going to be on the hunt until I find a pair in my size. Also love these!

Just yes.

I want to start integrating hats to my wardrobe! This might sound weird, but I never knew how to do it? Haha - in terms of which outfits to add a hat to I always found myself lost, but that is what I am going to challenge myself with to step out of my style comfort zone! Lack of Color makes gorgeous hats and if I'm going to be a hat girl, I should start with the best.

I need this in my life. And I guess I am on a tweed kick right now.

Uhm, hello there PERFECTION. Have you ever seen a more beautiful color? If you answered yes, then you're lying. This is the exact pop of color I was talking about in the intro!

This was everywhere last fall & winter and I never got around to ordering it. For sure picking it up this year!

I think sheer long sleeve tops with embellishments, embroidery, or patterns are so much fun. I only bought 1 last year and I ended up wearing it all the time, so I definitely want to add some more cute ones like this to my closet.

I've been looking for a new bag since May and it has been so annoying carrying around bags I don't like that much, but I really need something to hold my stuff. I'm super picky about my bags (shape, size, color, shape, texture, you name it I probably have an issue with it) but I love everything about this one! Especially that beautiful creamy, caramel color.

My boyfriend gave these to me as a Christmas gift last year, and I didn't get to wear them much but I adore them, so I'm excited to break them in once fall starts.