Sunkissed Summer

There is nothing like the feeling of summer in full swing. Everyone is giddy with planning weekends in the Hamptons, spur of the moment beach days, and having sunkissed summer skin. Rooftop bars feel more lively, drinks taste sweeter, and the energy is buzzing. I am all.about.summertime. And not to mention this gorgeous WEATHER!!! In North Carolina it is so dang hot that you can’t even breath during the summertime. The air is thick, hot, humid, most days reach 100 degrees (not an exaggeration), and I lived so far inland that we never got a breeze to cool anything off. Here in New York, there’s WIND and it’s amazing. Needless to say, I’m in heaven.

I decided that now is a good time to set some tiny goals for myself! It’s insane how much my mood has changed from January to now. The sun setting at 5 o’clock all winter long and the sun being so low in the sky really takes a toll on me as I’m sure a lot of you can relate. It’s harder for me to be productive, positive, and upbeat when the sun isn’t high in the sky. I don’t even really mind the cold because I am not into fashion/clothes, so I can cover up my whole body with a chunky scarf and huge winter jacket. It’s the sun that I love so much. (And this southerner thought this past spring in NY was freezing haha so I have been dying for summer!!!). SO, now that I feel fully charged, I have been thinking about what I want to work on this summer in terms of personal goals. Not every goal you make has to be monumental btw. I decided that my goals this summer are to: read more, cook more, and manifest the future. I am a big proponent of ☆ it’s the little things ☆. Meaning that it’s the little things in life, the day to day, the things we don’t really pay attention to, that add up to those big moments filled with stardust.

Reading more will be a simple goal to accomplish because of 2 words: Reese Witherspoon. Her book club is absolutely incredible and every book she picks is a winner (OBVIOUSLY. SHE’S REESE WITHERSPOON.). I’ve known about her book club for years, but have never followed along month to month. I would have random periods where I would get into reading, so I would pick a book from her list instead of aimlessly searching online. The most recent one I read was Where The Crawdads Sing and it is easily one of my favorite books I have ever read. One of my best friends read it too and loved it just as much! Cooking more will be another easy one because I love to cook and Pinterest makes it so easy to find easy, delicious recipes. I just haven’t been cooking a lot lately or will “fake cook” and make pasta or something. Spoiler alert: it’s okay to pick goals that are easy to accomplish. No one said they had to be hard haha! Now, as for manifesting the future, if any of you listen to the Goop Podcast, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. What I mean by manifesting the future is putting the energy out into the universe that I want to come back to me. You have to believe in yourself and what you want for your life for it to actually happen. That is something I am working on! If any of you guys are into that kind of stuff, definitely give Goop a listen.

Hope you guys had a fun 4th of July and have more fun plans this summer!

kssg! (keep shining, stay glowy, stay glossy!)

xx. G

summer lovin.png