Organizing 101


Since moving to New York at the start of the new year, it has been quite the task unpacking all of my boxes and getting everything organized. Moving is my worst nightmare. It makes me so emotional, stressed, sweaty and constantly makes me wish I could afford to hire professional packers and movers. But 2 months later, I have finally reached to the light at the end of the tunnel and unpacked all of my boxes and have organized {almost} all of my stuff!

I am starting this series of blog posts all dedicated to organizing. Originally, this series was only going to be about organizing your physical belongings, but the more I think about my move to New York, the more emotions that come up and the more I realize that moving to a new place comes with an entire new set of obstacles in every aspect of life. So, I will add in some posts about organizing your life too for lack of a better term haha. I am starting with Organizing 101 and then I’ll go into my bathroom, make-up, closet, and bedroom! There are so many methods and products out there that trying to organize your stuff can get overwhelming real quick. To make your lives easier, here are the basic rules I’ve learned over the years that will give you a good foundation to organizing your space.

  • Make a list. This can be so hard considering I moved 700 miles, so in my case it was a “great soooo how do I make a list to organize my entire life?”. I think a perfect starting point is do it by room with the items you need organized, and then break it down from there. This is just an example of what it could look like.

    • Bedroom: clothes, jewelry, accessories, shoes

    • Bathroom: under the sink, make-up, hair products, extra products, shower

    • Laundry room: dryer sheets, stain remover, detergent, basket for folded clothes (God bless you if you fold your clothes right out of the dryer)

    • Living room: extra tv cables/cords, other things that go in living rooms

    • Kitchen: dish towels/other linens, dishes, glasses, wine glasses, silverware, anything for cooking/baking, cleaning products

    • Randoms: extra towels, extra sheets, out of season anything, more cleaning products, tools, lightbulbs, command hooks/strips, pet stuff

  • If you don’t have a place for it, throw it out. That’s right. Throw it in the garbage because the golden rule in organizing is: everything has a place.

  • Find containers, bins, trays, shelves, baskets, or other products that will be a solution to what you need to be organized. Break out the measuring tape! Or the new iPhone Measure app whatever. Measure your drawers, cabinets, closets, and find the most space efficient products. Yes, this will take longer than just running to Target and buying a pack of 4 plastic storage containers, but this makes sure you buy the best products for your belongings. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, shoe racks already exist, so does Target and Ikea. The simpler the better and the easier it will be to upkeep.

    • One of my favorite bins from Target linked here. Minimal, comes in different sizes, and they are easy to clean if needed.

    • Cutest jars ever and they are a great size!

    • Anything with tiers utilizes any space super effectively. Love this stackable basket from Ikea and smaller tiered organizer from Target that’s great for small spaces like under the sink.

    • The best drawer organizers!!! They come in tons of different sizes, so you can stick them anywhere you have little items that clutter your cabinets and drawers.

  • Organizing doesn’t mean your home has to be full of plain, boring, and ugly plastic bins and containers. Get things that are cute and match your decor!!! HomeGoods always has cute and practical storage solutions that you don’t see in stores like Walmart or Target!

  • Pick organization products that are multi-functional. If you put a container in your cabinet for example, decide to re-organize down the line, you should be able to put that container in another space for further use. For someone like me who “spring cleans” 4 times a year (I don’t have to wait until spring to declutter ok), I have gone through a lot of containers, shelves, organizers, etc. and the key is buying sustainable, sturdy products the first time around.