Getting Ready For Fall

As labor day approaches next weekend, I find myself saying over & over I canNOT even believe summer is over!!! It’s not really over over, but labor day definitely marks the “last hoorah”. Fall is a real season here in NY unlike in the south where its pretty much summer/warm weather until November and sometimes December; I have a feeling that this fall and winter season is going to kick my little southern behind and this girl has a very limited cold weather wardrobe. Because of that and because I hate leaving my house to go shopping, I decided to get the jump on stocking up on cold weather essentials, so I can tackle it little by little. I also think that buying things in stages cuts down on overspending on what you’re planning to buy. If you start ~online~ shopping early, you can catch really great deals and sales. A key tip in buying clothes seasonally that I have found super helpful is decide ahead of time what you want.

My post about defining your style was actually very introspective and helped me a ton on my most recent shopping adventure! It made it clear that I am 1000% allowed to buy different items in the same color because that’s what I like!

My clothing list included: a medium length winter jacket, light sweaters good for fall, a fall jacket, sunglasses, jeans, leather boots. I am still looking for my perfect pair of leather boots since I retired mine last year! I had them since I was 17 and I beat them into the ground they got so much love. If anyone has any recommendations for leather boots please let a girl know! I got my jacket via Poshmark since down filled winter coats are pricey plus I was looking for a medium length one making it even more expensive. But I saved a ton of money getting it on Poshmark instead of buying it retail.

  1. North Face Metropolis II Parka 2. Nasty Gal Chin Up Mesh Top 3. Quay Australia Jezabell 4. Nasty Gal Longline Cardigan 5. Nasty Gal Faux Fur Jacket 6. Nasty Gal Ribbed Sweater 7. Topshop Petite Jamie Jeans 8. Topshop Petite Jamie Jeans Black

My makeup list included: cream highlighter, foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Finishing Powder everyone raved about last year, blush, concealer. I have really dry skin, so in the fall and winter I feel like Spongebob when he leaves Bikini Bottom and is without water. I switch to cream products that I can apply with my fingers to keep my skin looking dewy, soft, and hydrated. I also switch from tinted moisturizer to foundation because without being in the sun all the time, I obviously lose my tan and want more coverage! I haven’t bought everything on my lists yet, but I got all of the things I need for the time being and that makes me happy.