East Village Date Night

IT’S AQUARIUS SEASON!!!! A few famous Aquarius birthdays: OPRAH, Michael Jordan, Chloë Grace Moretz (my birthday twin on Feb. 10th!), Emma Roberts, Ed Sheeran, and Ellen. Needless to say, we’re a great bunch. To celebrate my birthday weekend Peyton and I had a date night in the city on Saturday and we had the BEST time! We have been so excited to start exploring NYC together and since there are a million things to do, we decided that when we plan a date day/night, we’ll try to stick to one neighborhood instead of bopping all over Manhattan. This weekend we had our date night downtown in/around East Village!


Peyton wanted to stop at this popular shoe store called Flight Club where there are literally hundreds of sneakers plastic wrapped on the walls. It’s known for rare and collectible sneakers (some cost $10,000 whoa) it was actually pretty cool. That’s the best description I could give but if you are into shoes like Peyton is I’m sure you know exactly what this is! He was in his glory. For the ladies who have a man that’s into sneakers or style and want to take him somewhere unique, this is the perfect place. I wish I knew about this beforehand and planned on surprising him! But now you guys can surprise your dates(;


Stop number 2 was the cutest, coziest wine bar, Bibi. I had a glass of the cabernet, my favorite, Peyton and I shared the pigs in a blanket appetizer (so yummy and fun fact I LOVE hotdogs haha) and ended with a glass of champagne! We hung out there for quite a while, the ambiance is so relaxed and laid back and it was full of other young twenty-somethings! I’d love to go back for another date night or with my girlfriends! It is such a gem and has landed a place on my favorite hang out spots.


For dinner, we went to Emmy Sqaured and had the Colony Pizza. It’s topped with pepperoni, pickled jalapeños, and is ~ drizzled with honey ~ . It was beyond delicious we ate the entire pizza and I have been dreaming about going back since we left. Another really cool spot with a super yummy menu.

On our way home, we stopped by Grand Central Station, neither of us have ever been! It was a romantic moment to experience something so iconic to New York City for the first time together and for the first time as true New Yorkers. Meaning I OFFICIALLY live here this wasn’t just a short visit and then back to North Carolina, it was a surreal feeling. Peyton is in his last year of college, so he had to leave on Sunday. Without a doubt we made the most of the weekend together. Instead of trying to cram in a lot of things we want to do in one weekend, we picked a few things and got to thoroughly enjoy them without rushing around.

Can’t wait to do more date night posts!!