Moodboard: Spring

Moodboards are an great way to just do something to be creative. I don’t always feel like breaking out my sketchbook, so creating a moodboard does the trick. I love getting to put together a color scheme and an overall vibe for whatever I’m feeling and in this case it’s for springtime! It’s easy to get distracted and weighed down by the stressors in your life, so I made this board to start the spring season off on a positive note. I want to carry that feeling of giddy happiness I have when all of the cold winter days are officially over and it’s really springtime with consistently warm weather. When I have a “my life is falling apart day”, I want to be able to refer back to this moodboard and remember that happiness and tell myself to relax (only a little though. Definitely not the most relaxed person in the world). HAPPY SPRING!!!!!!