How I Grew My Hair Out: From Lob To Long

Hello everyone! I am back from my short blogging hiatus after I took some time to find some inspiration and come back with a clear head.  I'm excited to be posting new content again and am really looking forward to the upcoming fall season!  I originally wanted to share my skincare routine, but my skin had other plans and decided to start flaring up the last few weeks and just died down.  Moral of the story, I'm looking for new skincare products, so when I find some new favorites, I will be sure to share them(: In this post, I’m going to be telling you all the tricks I used to grow my hair out, about double its length in about a year!     


For my 21st birthday, I cut my hair really short around my shoulders (picture below), it was definitely a lob, I was feeling the Lucy Hale hair vibes.  Now a year + a half later, my hair is down to the middle of my back.  I would like to say I’m really proud of my hair because I do NOT have fast growing hair, I put heat on it multiple times a week year round, and I color my hair too so to be honest, I did not think my hair would get this long!  Most importantly, it’s *healthy*. No one wants long hair that’s stringy, dry, and dead.  I’m pleased to report I am super happy with it! Here is how I went about growing my hair and am able to maintain a long, healthy length 1 year later!

For a reference this is my hair on my 21st birthday that I mentioned above, literally the day after I chopped it! (feat. my best friends going from left to right Jamie, Alaina, and Abbey I love and miss them SO MUCH)

For a reference this is my hair on my 21st birthday that I mentioned above, literally the day after I chopped it! (feat. my best friends going from left to right Jamie, Alaina, and Abbey I love and miss them SO MUCH)

1. Stop using hair ties - this was absolutely the hardest thing I had to commit to when I knew I wanted to grow my hair.  First of all I couldn’t imagine a life without hair ties, but the breakage you get from hair ties is equally as bad if not worse than heat, hair dye, and/or other chemicals you put on your hair.  I literally threw all of my hair bands in the garbage and bought tons of jaw clips and invisibobbles! I have thin hair, so I can twist it all into a top knot and secure it with a small jaw clip.  I also have the big ones, but I prefer the little ones since they are not heavy like the bigger size. I love invisibobbles and I believe they do what they claim which is: provide your ponytail with an even amount of pressure throughout instead of the elastic band which squeezes the same part of your hair over & over leading to breakage.  Now, I can honestly say I don’t use elastic hair ties anymore, I haven’t purchased them since last summer, and my hair thanks me! If you’re thinking I’m bananas for suggesting giving up hair ties, you really get used to not using them and eventually you don’t reach to sling them around your wrist.

  • Another option to eliminate hair ties are braids! Braiding your hair is so much more gentle on your hair than an elastic band. And am I saying to never ever use an elastic hair tie ever again in your life? Absolutely not. I am saying they break your hair and if you suffer from your hair breaking off easily like I do, definitely limit your use of them.


2. Brush your hair like it’s made of gold - this is a tip I read a few years ago in Allure or Elle, I can’t quite remember, but I never would’ve changed the way I brushed my hair if I hadn’t read this.  I used to always start brushing my hair from the root and worked my way down and that’s basically the opposite of how to do it if you are trying to be gentle with your hair. Tugging at your hair or brushing it really roughly (I am so guilty of just ripping the hair brush through my hair) causes unnecessary breakage on the strands and you lose more hair doing it this way.  Start from the ends and work up! I switched from a traditional rectangular paddle brush to a wide tooth comb and I’ve noticed I shed a lot less since making that change.


3. Use hair masks - I have been using hair masks since the dawn of time and I believe they are the best way to keep your hair silky, strong, and healthy!  I use hair masks mainly in the cold weather months when the air is dry and my hair needs that extra boost of nourishment. My favorite store bought mask is the Macadamia Nourishing Moisture Masque and I also make my own at home!  I mix coconut oil, almond oil, and jojoba oil together and cover my hair from about the nape of my neck down, focusing mainly on the ends.  Your scalp naturally produces oil, so it's not necessary to focus the mask on your scalp.  Those oils are amazing for promoting hair growth and maintaining strong, shiny hair.  

4. Take hair vitamins - I finished 2 bottles of these Hair, Skin, and Nail gummies from Target and I think they made a noticeable difference in my hair!  I saw a lot of new baby hairs growing around my hairline and it did not fall out as much which was great because I shed A LOT.  I don’t think that my hair would’ve grown as much as it did if taking the vitamins were the only thing I was doing, but I do think it is important to provide your body with the proper vitamins and minerals that promote hair growth if you are trying to grow your hair. 

  • Now here are some hair myths I truly believed in basically my entire life and I feel are pretty common! I can proudly say I busted these myths and came out of the other end with healthy, long, and strong hair(:

MYTH #1: having healthy hair means never having split ends.  Split ends are going to naturally occur no matter what you do to your hair.  They are caused my brushing your hair, putting it in a ponytail, being in the sun, and so many other things not just the use of hot tools!  It is not a realistic goal to be like me and say "I am going to take such good care of my hair I'm not going to have any split ends".  **Split ends do not define the health of your hair!!!** I have come to the realization I will always have some split ends and that is absolutely okay.  I know I take great care of my hair and the health of 99.9% of my hair outweighs the unavoidable .01% split ends a million times over!  

MYTH #2: in order to have long hair, never cut it/cut it once a year. FALSE.  I try to trim my hair once a month!  Realistically, I trim it once every 6 weeks.  It keeps the ends healthy and prevents any split ends from continuing to split up the strand.  And when I mean trim, I mean barely-cut-any-hair-off type of trim, just enough to keep the ends fresh.  My hair has grown almost a whole foot and I cut it regularly!   


MYTH #3: you can’t put heat on your hair if you want it to be long + healthy.  I have naturally curly hair, so once a week I blow it out and straighten it.  I have been doing this since I was 12 or 13 years old (I’m now 22) and my hair has not fallen out of my head or is fried by any means.  I need to put heat on my hair for it to be more manageable and because of this I know that I have to really take care of my hair and be super mindful about the products I put in it.  I use the Redken Anti Breakage Treatment as a heat protectant when my hair is still damp before I blow it out or Moroccan Argan Oil which also serves as a heat protectant! After it’s straight, I put more moroccan oil on it (my hair loves oil products) and braid it.  Since that’s a lot of heat for 1 day, I don’t use anymore hot tools for the remainder of the day. I’ll use the curling wand on my hair in the following days if I’m going out, but I can get away with curling my whole head one time and style it with my day old curls until I wash my hair again.   

MYTH #4: coloring your hair is really damaging and breaks your hair, so it’ll never grow.  I do understand that hair dye isn’t the best thing for your hair, so it’s important to find an amazing hair stylist.  I am very lucky and have an incredible hair stylist who always takes care of my hair. I went from dark brown to a blonde balayage 2 fall seasons ago (then back to brown in the spring) and I didn’t have anymore breakage than my usual and my hair was not full of split/dry ends either!  A hair stylist that knows your hair, the limits of your hair and hair color, and the right type of products to use is VITAL. 

I hope you found something in here that helps you in your hair journey!(: