Current Make-up/Skincare Favorites

I’ve been taking quite a few trips to Ulta lately with the intention of finding new products to try instead of restocking empty ones. I am also transitioning my skincare from “my skin is so dry I need to bathe in cocoa butter and lip balm” to a lighter, spring/summertime routine! I have really dry skin in general, so I use hydrating products all year round, but I do switch from heavier products to lighter ones.

I only like when my skin looks really dewy (when do the Kardashians NOT look dewy and glowing). I wanted a facial mist I can spray on my beauty blender to blend my make-up to look extra glowy and I found this gem! There are other face mists that are popular like the new Farsáli Rose Gold 24K Skin Mist and Tatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist but I was in Ulta and those are only in Sephora. It is not an oil despite it’s moroccan oil color. It’s just a regular water based formula, so it makes your skin look and feel hydrated. I also really like how evenly it sprays and how fine the mist is!

Bonus points that the ingredients are natural fruit oils and acids!

I got this as a splurge for my birthday and I love this mascara as much as I love my L’oreal ones. I never thought I would EVER change mascaras, but ohhhh wow. I think, for me, the wand is what makes this apply so beautifully and the formula is creamy which I have never experienced with a mascara before. That prevents little flakes from coming off and falling onto my cheek/under my eyes throughout the day.

I love a red lipstick. They’re timeless and so gorgeous. I wanted to add another one to my small collection and I went with the shade 999 Ultra Dior - Iconic Red. It compliments my skin tone perfectly I’ll be able to wear it when I have a little bit of a tan because the undertones of the shade are very versatile. This can easily be brightened up with a coral lipliner as a base or deepened with a plum colored lip liner!

I’ve been trying out different face washes for the last couple of months and I haven’t found any I wanted to add to my skincare routine until I tried the Tula Purifying Face Cleanser. I love that their products contain probiotics and antioxidants, all the good stuff your skin and your body in general needs to maintain its health. This is the first face wash I have ever used that makes my skin feel velvety soft after rinsing it off and I’m now addicted. Continuing my obsession I tried Tula’s moisturizer too and it feels so creamy and delicious. Welcome to my ride or die club Tula!!! ♡

Hi my name is Gabby and I have THE WORLD’S DRYEST SKIN. My face, hands, lips, always dry. I carry around hand lotion and chapstick everywhere I go and I have tried every chapstick, lip balm and I haven’t found anything that really relieved my dry lips. And before you say anything, I am up on my water drinking. I am not kidding I started to do actual research. What are ingredients that dry out your lips? What are hydrating ingredients? Why do I constantly have to re-apply chapstick? One day deep into my explore page on Instagram I stumbled on a post about Lanolips and it answered every single one of those questions. What makes this product different is that it’s made with lanolin and this actually sinks into your lips and hydrates them. Products like Aquaphor (petroleum jelly) are meant to be used just as a barrier for already hydrated lips. So, a lot of chapsticks are only helpful if you already have juicy, hydrated lips. Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.