Welcome to gabforte.com! My name is Gabriella, I go by Gabby, and I’m 23 years old living in New York.

I started my blog to use as a creative outlet.  I have been learning that there are no boundaries to what your life can look like and my blog is a big part of following what sparks my passions and brings me happiness. One of my favorite quotes is, “Decide what kind of life you actually want. Then say ‘no’ to everything that isn’t that”.

One particular aspect in life I find incredibly important is WELLNESS. I consider anything that makes you feel good/positive, both inside and out, to be part of wellness. So, that is going to be a recurring theme on my blog. I’ll post content on style, hair, decor, beauty, skincare, make-up, health, pieces of my life, thoughts I’d like to share with you guys, the list goes on. Truly, a little bit of everything. All the while building a community of strong, uplifting, inspiring women!

I hope you've found something on here that you love, thanks so much for reading!